Boutique Remake

Corporate partners impact Bottomless Closet in many ways including providing grants, engaging volunteer groups, sponsoring events, and in 2015, assisting with our move to 16 East 52nd Street. Gensler, a global architecture, design, and planning firm, donated services to help us design our new space – an effort spearheaded by board member Kathleen Jordan, an award-winning principal at the firm. Annemarie Fleming of MovePlan, an international move management and relocation consultancy, facilitated our move pro-bono.

Fully transitioned to 16 East 52nd Street by early June of 2015, we found creative ways to optimize working in our new, albeit smaller but more inspirational space. Board member Diane Kenney successfully applied for The Container Store’s nonprofit grant which allowed Bottomless Closet to work with The Container Store’s designers to create a boutique and inventory room that are both functional and beautiful.

Local Container Store employees quickly brought the designers’ vision to life. In a matter of hours they installed their signature elfa shelving and built stationary racks.

Our Boutique

The employees were so knowledgeable and friendly — their rapport was truly infectious. The Container Store’s employee centered motto: “What if everyone associated with a business could thrive?” was present in their camaraderie and dedication to the project. With the installation finished, and with the addition of new light bulbs, we now have an impressive boutique.

The end result amazed not just the staff, but our volunteers, who work in the boutique day in and day out. “It really looks like a boutique!” are words we hear every day from clients and visitors alike. Clients now feel like they are shopping in a chic boutique, ultimately, ensuring that they receive the best standard of service — all thanks due in part to The Container Store and all the corporations that partner with Bottomless Closet.

Take a tour of our boutique! For information about donating clothes, please visit our Clothing Donations page.

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