Denise’s story


Denise has had a few different jobs, but she is still on the path to her dream career. She credits one of those jobs with giving her the strict work ethic she has now. “I worked in corporate banking on the trading floor. That was very intense and face-paced,” she recalls. “The men were more concerned about the dollar signs than the profit. They’re not like us women who care about relationships. They’re just there to clock in and work. I was in that environment for so long, it framed me to be the person that I am. I’m really disconnected sometimes because I’m so focused,” Denise admits.

Currently attending New York University and majoring in Media Studies, her work ethic has even become part of her reputation around campus. “I remember a young lady saw me at a mixer for scholarship recipients and she goes, ‘I know you, I know you! You’re the student who’s a workaholic. I don’t know your name but I just know that you’re a workaholic!’ People have said, ‘Do you have friends?’ and I guess one day I’ll have friends. I do want to have friends. It’s just that I’m so focused on my goals.”

She recently had the chance to hear an NYU alumnus speak about transitioning to a career at Google, and it gave her the bug. “My ideal job would be working as a Marketing Executive at Google. I really want to explore that, and I’m really excited because at NYU we have clubs and organizations where you get to meet professionals in the media industry, so I’m hoping to make an impact, a connection, get the knowledge that I am so hungry for, and begin to explore my career path.”

Denise is currently working part-time at NYU, but she doesn’t let that interfere with her studies. “It’s important being a full-time student that I have a flexible job, because on my scholarship I can’t get below an A. It’s very intense, but I worked really hard for those scholarships so I want to maintain it.

“I’m just really grateful for all of the opportunities that have been extended to me, and I’m just seeing what happens. I am busy, but for all the right reasons.”



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