Evelyn’s Story

Evelyn Story


Evelyn noticed a big change in her job search after her first visit to Bottomless Closet. “Before I came here, I had sent my old resume to various places for job opportunities, but it wasn’t working,” she recalls. “I was looking for a job for a month and I wasn’t getting any answers back.”

During her appointment, she worked on her resume one-on-one with an employment coach so they could update and improve it. “You fixed my resume, which is something that you don’t pay that much attention to but it’s very important.”

The difference was immediate. “As soon as I updated my applications and started giving out the new resume to the same employers that never responded to my old resume, I got four job interviews back to back,” she recalls. “And from that, and the new outfit, and the confidence you gave me, I got a job in two weeks.”

Evelyn admits that she had not invested time in herself in a long while. “As a woman, you know, I’m a mother of four, so it’s a little difficult for me to get nice things. I just needed a little push and you guys pushed me. I came here with a hope of finding this job and you made it happen. There are no words to describe how this resume opened doors for me.”

Evelyn said she intends to spread the word about Bottomless Closet now that she has experienced it for herself. “Besides the clothes, you gave me confidence. I will continue letting people know how important it is and the job you’re doing for us women.”

“The same way you helped me; there are other women out there with the same needs. It’s good to know that there is always somebody to help. And that we’re not alone.”

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