Mireille’s Story



Mireille lost her job two months ago, at a time when her house was in complete chaos. Not only had she been working very long hours at her last job, but she was also selflessly collecting donations of clothing and other items for children in Haiti, and organizing them in her tiny studio apartment – something she still does.

She says she felt an instant pick-me-up during her appointment. “I think that what you people are doing at Bottomless Closet is fantastic. Your volunteer coached me and she kind of perked up my trust in myself. She dressed me like a very professional person,” Mireille says.

Turns out that the outfit worked. “When I walked into the interview, all eyes just turned and they looked at me walking in there with confidence. I mean, I have clothes here and there, but I was going to meet the CFO of the company. After I was dressed by one of your coaches, I felt like, “Here I come!

Her confidence came from more than just the clothes though. “My coach trained me on how to answer the interview questions, and what questions to ask them, too. When I asked one of the questions that my coach encouraged me to ask, the eyes of the CFO went like, wow. They were very impressed.”

“After the interview, everybody was very pleased, and they told me that they would get back to me in less than a day.” They did, and they offered Mireille an accounting job. “I am going to be an Accounts Receivable Specialist.”

“I thank you guys at Bottomless Closet for giving me the confidence. From the time I walked in the door here, the energy, the environment, everything was inviting.”

Now that she is working again, she hopes to package up more donations to send to children in Haiti very soon.

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