Roselyn’s Story


Roselyn’s personal hero is her mother. “She raised four children by herself, working two jobs as an assistant teacher,” she says, beaming.

To this day, her mother is a constant source of advice and inspiration for her. “She always knows how to make the worst situation into a better situation.”

She looks for solutions immediately – something Roselyn thinks she inherited from her mother. “She would always say to me, ‘This is not the end of it; you have other options. I need you to be a strong, confident woman.’ She would just encourage me to deal with the situation the best way you can, and then from there you can move forward.”

Before Roselyn came to Bottomless Closet, when she was really struggling, her mom’s words would pop into her brain. She would say, ‘You’re not going to give up – we’re not going to do that. Because then what is the point? What is the point of struggling to then just give up?’ So she always reinforced that into us.”

Roselyn has a job right now, but she dreams of getting into a career where she can make a difference. “I would love to help people. I would love to give back. If I could work with veterans, the elderly, the homeless, battered women or abused children, I would love that.” She could easily see herself transitioning into a career as a home health aide for those who cannot care for themselves. “I want to make a difference. I feel like I was put on this earth to help.  I have a very big heart. I want to give back.”

Through working, she has realized that it is about so much more than just having a job or punching a clock. “I want to feel good and be happy going to work. I want to enjoy my job, enjoy my career, and do something that is meaningful.”


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