Shaneice’s Story


Things have really come full circle for Shaneice. She was just hired by an organization that conducts blood drives throughout the five boroughs.

Her job includes spreading the word about the importance of giving blood – something she can personally attest to, as the recipient of a life-saving blood transfusion when she was a child. “When I was younger, they saved my life. So I just felt like, it’s time for me to give back.”

Shaneice tells us the new job is going very well so far. “I’m doing a lot for them – working the blood drives, encouraging people to sign up and make blood and platelet donations, and then doing reports of how the blood drives went, things like that.”

Since Shaneice has some familiarity with the organization already, it has been an easy transition for her. “I had started volunteering there a couple months ago, and my supervisor asked me if I was interested in working there with her. I wasn’t even looking to get a job there, I just wanted to help. But see – God works in mysterious ways.”

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