Taieisha’s Story

Taieisha quote

Taieisha has been dancing since she was a kid, and soon she will be dancing (well, walking) down the aisle of an airplane as a brand new flight attendant for a major airline.
“I’ve been dancing since I was three years old, and I’ve even danced backup for Rihanna, at the VMAs (the MTV Video Music Awards), and once for Drake, too. I also dance for an urban burlesque group here in the city, and I’m a dance teacher for young girls, too.”
Despite dancing in front of crowds, she admits she was super nervous about the interview process. She credits her appointment at Bottomless Closet with giving her the confidence she needed. “After I left here, and I could see myself dressed up like that, it gave me the confidence to go in there and kill the interview. They told me right afterward that I got the job.”
Taieisha has always loved traveling, so she is excited that this job will enable her to do more of it. “And with the career path I’m trying to take now, the flexibility will still allow me to dance, so I think it’s going to be great.”
She is currently in Minneapolis for a month of training.

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