Tiffany’s Story

Most moms can certainly relate to a typical day in Tiffany’s life. “I set my alarm for 5 a.m., I get up, take a shower, get my son dressed, bring my son downstairs so he can get on the van to preschool, then I go back upstairs, get dressed, get my daughter dressed, too. Then we get on the bus, then we transfer to the train, and I drop her off at school.”
Then Tiffany heads to work herself, sometimes on two hours of sleep. Tiffany just started her new job at a nursing home. “I fell in love with them. It’s never a dull moment in a nursing home, no it’s not. They are always cracking me up. Some are very sweet.”
The hardest part about working as a home health aide or in a nursing home, she says, is when the people she has been caring for pass away. “I was working as a home health aide before, and this one lady loved me so much, she wanted to change my last name to hers. And then she passed away a couple of weeks after my birthday. I was so sad. That’s the hardest part. The last woman that I had to take care of, she eventually passed away, too.”
Despite the sadness, she knows it is an inevitable part of life and still loves doing the job. “I’ve been doing that kind of work since 2007. So, that’s 10 years. With eight kids, I’m a natural caretaker.”
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